Legalization of RANEPA Diplomas and Degree Certificates

Why you need legalization and how to get it done.

How We Founded The First Liberal Arts College in Russia

The story in 5 chapters told by former LAC Dean Evgeny Mironov

ISS Blog

Why do we use an abbreviation RANEPA talking about our Institute, what are our mission, structure, research focus areas, and internationalization approach?

EPIIC Symposium at the Tufts University: In Details

Serafima Osipenko, Samuel Olawale Elusoji, Polina Vasilenko, and Moisey Kondrashin about first days of March in Boston. Words and photos to show

Once in Riga: RISEBA

ISS students studying at our Liberal Arts College talking about two wonderful weeks in Riga.


The 4th IDPPA Conference: personally and academically