Institute for Social Sciences in Moscow: How-To-Apply Post

Studying abroad is a stunning experience. It's a big story about making your own choice, to estimate risks and run them after all, and definitely a story about big responsibility and much attention you should pay to details. But there's no need to be worried. Just be patient enough to study the application process so that you could easily get to study your major.
You know what? I will help you a bit. I put into one post a lot of useful information about the application process stages that you will go through before becoming a student of the Institute for Social Sciences. Good luck and see you in Moscow.


ISS guarantees all new international students a room in our University on-campus accommodation and you can request a room as soon as you accept your offer to study at the ISS. We offer twin accommodation for a very reasonable price of $260 per month. Laundry, kitchen, sports centre, swimming pool, shops, libraries, computer classes available on campus.


International Scholarships

ISS is pleased to offer a range of generous international scholarships for applicants wishing to study at the Institute for Social Sciences.

These prestigious scholarships take the form of tuition fee waivers and are available to outstanding international students applying for undergraduate and graduate courses.
Follow the link to know more.


How To Apply

Step A.

Start preparing the package of documents to apply for any graduate program. You will need:
  • a filled signed and scanned Application form 
  • a purpose statement (motivation letter) of 800-1200 words in English
    Which is your opportunity to tell us about yourself?
    Why Academy and the Institute?
    Why did you choose this very programme, not that one?
    Your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations – we want to know you better.
    Please, take your time on this assignment — it should be logical & narrative.
    Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly.
  • CV (resume) in any form
  • a scan of your passport 1st page 

  • any additional documents from the list you want to provide for International Scholarship Admission.

Step B.

Send this package at or fill ONLINE form — and our Admission team will schedule a Skype interview with a Program representative.

Step C.

In 1-1,5 weeks after the interview, you will receive a Conditional Offer from Institute for Social Sciences.

Step D.

To accept it, you will need to provide an additional package of documents:
  • filled Invitation Form
  • application form (2 files — one in Word and the second in PDF with a passport type photo; in 23.1 Code — 38.04.02);
  • one passport type photo (black-and-white)
  • an original document from a foreign state verifying previous education with an authenticated translation into Russian, stating the full name of the applicant and listing the classes studied with final grades, and a translation of any relevant supplemental material if you will not have your diploma before June 13, please ask your University officials to provide you with an official paper confirming that you are finishing your degree
  • a legal document verifying the person’s identity and nationality with an authenticated translation into Russian;
  • an authenticated medical evaluation with an authenticated translation into Russian;
  • a medical certificate confirming that the applicant is HIV negative with an authenticated translation into Russian;
  • an authenticated copy of the applicant's birth certificate (if available) with an authenticated translation into Russian.

Step E.

Get Acceptance letter and start to prepare for your journey to Moscow. And never be in a worry – you will be carefully guided by the Department of International Policy.

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