Our research centres make a significant contribution to the Institute academic life. They handle a huge range of scientific activities, involving both – faculty and students. They do research, publish journals, books, and carry various international events focused on social sciences and humanities. Besides, a wide scope of fields of interest brings a lot of interdisciplinary interaction which is essential for the contemporary sciences.

Research Centers

ISS scientific activities are performed by the teams of more than 15 Research and Expert and Analytical Centers. Due to applying the innovative approachISS is included in the Russian academic research top.

Focus Areas

Our research teams study the possibilities and challenges of a sustainable society within six themes — Public Policy and Public Administration, Humanities, Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Urban Development. 

Contact Details

e-mail: international@universitas.ru
Please, mention the name of a definite research centre in the letter theme so that it could be forwarded directly to the target team.

Research Center for Public Policy and State Management Studies  The Center aim is to promote the forming of a modern model for Russian state management meeting the requirements of today’s political, socio-economic, cultural and technological trends.  
Center for Theoretical and Applied Political Studies The Center is engaged in research and education in such fields of study as transnational migration, boundaries, and identities in the post-Soviet space, theory, and practice of multilevel management and present-day theories of international relations.   
Research Laboratory for Classical-age Studies Center for Political and Social Monitoring The Center conducts sociological monitoring and goal-oriented surveillance for State and municipal governing bodies that use the findings when developing and adjusting socio-economic measures and evaluating the public’s feedback. Much attention is devoted to socio-cultural behaviour and peculiarities of mass consciousness  
Laboratory for Research in Economic and Social History The Laboratory’s aim is to promote research in Russian economic and social history, advance comparative studies on economic growth problems, development of technologies and political transformations and demographic change in a historical perspective.  
Research Laboratory for Oriental and Comparative Literature Studies   Among the laboratory’s staff members there are specialists in classical oriental studies, as well as in historical linguistics. The research activities cover deep exploration and interpretation, translation of and commenting on written texts belonging to Oriental civilizations. It also includes linguistic reconstruction. 
Center for Situational Monitoring and Regional Studies The Center devises new methods of situational analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of regional development for public and corporate sectors of the economy. It adapts global best practices to Russian specific requirements and also trains managerial personnel in regional-development and situation analysis, strategic and design management.  
Center for Russian Studies The Center is aimed at further research in Russian economic and social history, political economy, social history, society, and politics. It promotes publications on history and the current state of the Russian economy. Alongside its scientific efforts, the Center is engaged in educational activities and dissemination of knowledge on history and economics.   
City-Planning Expertise Center The Center is an expertise, consulting and projecting firm in the field of integrated development of territories and the creation of real-estate property items. Its aim is to promote successful territorial development and high-grade town planning and architectural design.   
Laboratory for Cognitive Studies The laboratory’s staff are specialists in a range of research including cogitative processes in task and problem solution, development of children’s conceptual knowledge, the interplay of several languages in human thinking, cognitive mechanisms of expert knowledge (high-level achievements in solving certain problems), etc.   
Research Center for the Development of Educational Systems The Center develops methodological support for educational systems and institutions, trains managers and professionals of the education sector, carries out strategic design, consultancy, analytical studies, and expert evaluation and monitoring of educational systems.   
Research Laboratory for Historical and Cultural Studies The laboratory studies cultural, anthropological, institutional and ideological aspects of the interaction between intellectual elites, governmental bodies, and economic institutions. Laboratory’s projects are dedicated to studying the way modern technology affects society and culture, how collective beliefs are formed and what are the legal and organizational forms in which new cultural practices exist.  
Research Laboratory for Theoretical Folklore Studies Research Laboratory’s work is focused on an exploration of oral texts considering them as ones underlying the cultural and mythological worldview inscribed in mass consciousness, politics, and ideology. The texts explored are those collected in the field in various Eurasia regions, as well as those found in Russian ideological and quasi-historical discourse of 20th – 21st centuries.  
Center for Sociological Research
The Center for Sociological Research was launched in 2011. Its main aim is to conduct advanced socio-economic research and disseminate knowledge on social and economic life of present-day Russia. The Center also runs the Eurobarometer survey in Russia.