Achieve your study ambitions with a scholarship. Each year scholarships are awarded to a new and continuing students across ISS program areas.

Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA offers a range of partial tuition fee waiver scholarships for International Students to commencing international students across all fields of study. While many of the scholarships consider academic achievement, there are also scholarships awarded based on what you are studying, where you are from or your personal circumstances. 

Any prospective student can get a scholarship. Those of you who are good at studying, those who have tried working, and those who had a lot of conference experiences. In the true spirit of democracy, we are giving you a chance to make an informed choice and the first step on your career staircase. Using a short list of supporting documents and checking the equivalent point’s score for your personal package of documents you can calculate your future scholarship before application!

83-100 points — 50% scholarship;
72-82 points — 40% scholarship;
61-71 points — 30% scholarship;
50-60 points — 20% scholarship.

Supporting Documents

Documents considered as providing sufficient evidence for claims of your previous educational and professional experience. If you find the evidence you can provide is not listed, please contact the Department of International Policy at


your background assets scoring points
for undergraduate students          
certificates of attendance of conferences
focused on the major you are applying to /
internship (also related to your major)
in a company or at a university in any country of the world
Skype interview with a drogram director  1-20 
Skype exam in general maths 1-20 
a letter of recommendation by an expert
or a teacher (not more than 3, please) 
10 per 1 letter 
language certificates 
(IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) 
for graduate students
work experience (from 6 months)  30       
a related-to-your-major internship in a company
or at a university in any country of the world
Skype interview with a program director 1-20       
a motivation essay (not more than 2 A4, please) 1-20 
a letter of recommendation from
an undergraduate program director or an internship curator
10 per 1 letter
a letter of recommendation from 1 employer 10      
For more information about Scholarships for MBA, EMBA and IHRM contact Natalia Snigireva Director of the Center of International MBA&EMBA Programmes at

Institute for Social Sciences offers additional scholarships for non-degree language programs and Foundation Year.


contemporary russian language center & foundation year
your background assets  scholarship rate 
alumni certificate from attending our russian language courses 15%
currently studying one of ISS degree programs 50%        
currently studying one of the academy degree programs
(not ISS and for international students only)
a letter of recommendation by an ISS student
(just one, please)