The Institute is constantly working to launch new degree programs, expand the options of education courses, and create new forms of extracurricular student life under the supervision of Sergey Zuev — Director of the Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA  and a Member of the Academic Council of RANEPA. 

He also serves as Rector of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Organizer and leader of over one hundred business simulations and seminars on  planning and management training in the field of social and cultural policy, including international seminars in collaboration with European partners 

such as the Council of Europe, Felix Meritis Foundation (Netherlands), KulturKontakt (Austria), Marcel Hastir Foundation (Belgium), and others. Dr Zuev has a doctorate in Art History from Leningrad State University.



Liberal Arts College

One of the two LA projects in Russia, was launched in 2014.
Liberal arts is a unique system of education popular in America. In the liberal arts system, you study a variety of disciplines (for example sciences, arts, history, economics, business) while at the same time achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of your chosen major(s). 

The School of Public Policy
& Management

The School programs are supported by extensive outreach that includes integrating seminars, speaker series, conferences, roundtables. This format brings together practitioners, students, and faculty along with government, business, and international leaders to contribute to policy debates nationally and internationally. The School faculty includes top researchers in business, economics, political science, public policy.

School of Media
& Communications

The School is training skilled specialists for an array of positions in PR, advertising, digital marketing, and web-design. All programs have a strongly pronounced practical orientation. In teaching the students, particular emphasis is placed on learning digital communication. All vocational subjects are taught by professors with long track records of practical work.

School of Philosophy
& Social Sciences

Combines best British and Russian educational practices. Offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate programmes and courses in philosophy and the social sciences. The faculty runs intense international activity, appearing in various scientific journals, and also launches “The Sociology of Power” which is the most respected interdisciplinary social sciences journal in Russia.

School of Design

Exists since 2011. The School’s academic staff comprises highly skilled and globally renowned artists, designers, illustrators and art critics.
Throughout the entire training period, practical workshops, extra-school lessons in museums, art galleries, branding and advertising agencies are carried out. Apart from that, as early as in their first year of studies, students begin to create their own projects and to present their works at exhibitions and art competition which helps them acquire professional experience and collect a portfolio. 

School of Psychology

Vocational training. Studying counseling, psychotherapeutics, abilities’ development, usability, HR, business psychology and career development, is included.
The scope of problems regarded are personality development, cognitive psychology, leadership, methods of psychotherapy, problem solving processes, theory of the mind in early childhood, bilingualism and human thinking, experts knowledge (high-level achievements in solving particular problems, such as intellectual, managerial, communicative ones, etc.) and so on.

School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities

One of the largest ISS divisions, exists since 2013. Brings together leading academics in various fields of humanities and offers groundbreaking research and educational opportunities for younger scholars and students in history, philology, cultural, folklore studies, oriental studies. Scholars working here develop and maintain educational programs marked by a combination of a firm theoretical basis with a wide range of practical issues.

School of International Business Education 

Excellence: We value excellence in staff and student experience, learning and research.  
Innovation and Creativity: We value innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking in the generation and implementation of new ideas. 
Respect: We value diversity, collegiality, and responsibility