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Digital Advertising and Public Relations

Undergraduate programme "Advertising and Public Relations" - is the development of modern technologies of communication in PR, GR, advertising, social media.

The programme prepares professionals with extensive humanitarian training, working skills in the field of public and business communications, the basics of systemic and creative thinking, and project work skills.

Bachelor degree programme "Advertising and Public Relations" is presented in two formats:
  • Programme with a single direction of study (major) from the first to the fourth year (Only "Advertising and Public Relations")
  • Liberal Arts programme, which allows students to choose an additional minor (Economics, PR, Political Science, Jurisprudence, Sociology, Journalism, Linguistics, Psychology, Architecture, etc.).
Our alumnus work in:
  • advertising and communication agencies,
  • pr-departments of commercial and non-profit organizations,
  • press services, public relations departments in state and municipal authorities,
  • mass media.
Graduates of the bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations of ISS are qualified professionals who can not only work within large corporations but also independently create their own media projects.


Language: Russian (major), English (minor)
Format: Full-time (on-campus)
Duration: 4 years
Diploma: Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations
Scholarships for the best students are available!

Deadline for application: 
26 July 2021

Language requirements:
Russian (B2) 

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  • Advantages
  • Programme Structure
  • Study Abroad


1. Mastering the humanities:
critical thinking, cultural studies, political science, communication theory.

2. Participation in real media projects
All students are involved in real media projects that are implemented at the faculty and partners of the faculty.

3. Mastering two foreign languages
All students learn two languages, choosing from a list of suggested languages.

4. Communication with star professionals
Regular workshops and meetings with successful practitioners and media professionals.

5. Internship
in government bodies, leading communication agencies, pr-departments, press services.

6. Study abroad
All students have the opportunity to participate in language courses, study modules and professional training abroad.

7. Relations with employers
The program is built taking into account the professional standard of the Russian Association of Public Relations.


Training of future professionals begins with the development of basic humanitarian and managerial disciplines: history, political science, sociology, psychology, communication theory, management, marketing and advertising, etc.

And it continues the development of professional competencies in the classes on public communications, marketing, reputation management, social media and others that conduct practices from relevant activities.

Core courses:
  • Social Media
  • Imageology
  • Event Management
  • Social Advertisement
  • Media Technologies
  • International Information Campaigns
  • Practical Rhetoric
  • Psychology of Mass Communications
  • Creative Workshops
  • The Language of Modern Media


"RISEBA" University of Business, Arts and Technology (Latvia)

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University of Navarra (Spain)

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Language Courses

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and etc.

Andrey Fetisov
Director, School of Media Communications

Daria Nechaeva

Anton Smolkin
Deputy Chief Editor (Editorial Board of the "Sociology of Power" journal)

Elena Glazkova
Assistant Professor

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