Legalization of RANEPA Diplomas and Degree Certificates


Legalization of documents refers to assigning legal status in a given country to a document issued in another country.

NB! Documents may only be legalized in the same country where they were issued: e.g., a diploma issued in the UK or Italy cannot be legalized in Russia.

Why do you need to have your diploma legalized?  
  • To continue your studies outside of Russia  
  • To get a job outside of Russia
What are the types of diploma legalization?  
Is diploma legalization required in all countries? 
No, some countries have signed a special agreement with Russia, under which your diploma will be recognized automatically.  
The type of legalization (if any) you need to apply for depends on the legislation of the country, where you are going to use your diploma. To check what kind of legalization is required use this reliable resource.

How can I find out whether or not I need to legalize my diploma?


Legalization  is not required    


  Apostille is required


   Consular legalization is required 


Type of document


Notarized official translation of your diploma into a national language of the country of submission (if required)


Original diploma


Original diploma


Where to apply




Moscow Department of Education   
Ministry of Education of Moscow Oblast


Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs






Moscow Department of Education

+7(499) 151-26-50
3 2-nd Baltiysky Pereulok, ground floor

Ministry of Education of Moscow Oblast

2 1-st Spasonalivkovsky Pereulok, room 25


Consular Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

+7 (499) 244 37 97                  
12 1-st Neopalimovsky Pereulok, entrance 2, hall 3


List of documents




•          Application form: Department   //    Ministry

•          Personal data processing acknowledgement form: Department   //  Ministry

•          Passport

•          Passport copy

•          Notarized translation of the passport

•          Original diploma + supplements

•          2 copies of the diploma + supplements

•          Apostille fee payment confirmation: Department  // Ministry


•          Application form   

•          A letter from the International Policy Department (to receive such letter student need to send passport and Diploma scanned copy (without Supplements) at the with Request to prepare legalization letter. It may be collected in 5 working days in room 223, building 2, main campus)

•          Original diploma + supplements

•          Fee payment confirmation  


Processing time




Up to 45 days

check your application status


Up to 7 days






2500 ₽


350 ₽  – diploma + 350 ₽  – supplements 


Next Step




Submit documents for legalization to the embassy/consulate of the country, where you intend to use it   


Can I ask my friend to submit my documents on my behalf?
Yes, but your friend will need to present a notarized power of attorney authorizing him/her to act as your official representative.     
NB! Your friend will need to have his or her passport to present when required.