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Russian Language Center offers specialized courses for Chinese students and Partner Universities.
To help students to get used to the new country, worldview, culture, and language, the Institute for Social Sciences offer the support from a personal manager who speaks Chinese fluently.

Our contact details: 
Manager Sofia (english) (WeChat: rinakuzina)
Manager Anna (chinese)  (WeChat: virgo_anna)

Our Partner Universities:

Russian Language for Philologists (1 year)
Duration: 10.09.2018 - 25.06.2019
Hours: 720 academic hours
Price: $3500 for Partner Universities

Russian Language for Philologists with the English Language Module (1 semester)
Duration: 10.09.2018 - 04.02.2019
Hours: 360 academic hours
Price: $2000 for Partner Universities

Russian Language for Beginners (2 semesters)
Duration: 01.10.2018 - 26.04.2019 
Hours: 700 academic hours
Price: $3200 for Partner Universities

50% partner discount for a group of more than 30 students.


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The Centre for Studies of the Russian Language at Liberal Arts College
(Russian Language Center)
The Centre provides foreign students with the introduction to the fundamentals of the Russian language as well as coaching at higher levels. The language of instruction is either Russian itself or an intermediate language (English). 

Students are given an opportunity to study either via group tutorials or at one-to-one lessons.  We teach Russian to undergraduates and post-graduates of the Russian Presidential Academy. Short-term language courses are also available at our Centre.   

Russian language teaching at the Centre includes such aspects as grammar essentials, phonetics, listening, oral practice, and writing. The Centre is experienced in designing and implementing the courses aiming at advancing proficiency in specific areas: business, politics, culture and history of Russia, and philology. In addition to that, tailoring the courses on the individual demands of the students is also available.

All the classes combine a friendly atmosphere and practical approach to the foreign language acquisition. The very first classes ensure that the knowledge obtained can be used in the day-to-day life.  Our tutors are masters in the training techniques allowing to teach grammar without that boring drilling, which makes the classes lively and exciting. 

The tutors of the Centre are high-qualified and experienced in practical teaching, designing curriculums and extras for the teaching and testing of the knowledge of foreign students.


Zemfira Iskhakova

Ph.D. in Philology

“Despite the fact that there are about 6 thousand languages in the world, all of them have many things in common. We express our feelings via the words. All languages have nouns and pronouns and all of them use sentences to form statements. When you come across any expression in unfamiliar speech, you can be sure you are asked about something or something is stated.  Аnd that makes intercultural communication and mutual understanding definitely possible”.

Alla Zhukovska

"Individual approach to teaching languages is my creed. And there is no greater joy when you see your students succeeding in mastering the Russian language, overcoming all its difficulties, penetrating into the culture and history of Russia. 

Languages are bridges between cultures of different countries. Let them be as much as possible. May mutual understanding and love for the Russian language grow among many countries."


For Partner Universities:
We welcome groups of 5 students and more. Each group will not consist of more than 9-12 students.
To attend any of the offered programs or request a customized program specifically for your University needs, please, contact
For individuals:
All Chinese students older than 18 years old may attend all ISS Russian language programs as a part of the group or individually.
We also offer a one-on-one individual course of correction. For more information, please, contact

Elizaveta Kurganova

Zemfira Iskhakova
Ph.D. in Philology

Alla Zhukovska

Natalia Perova

Galina Asonova
Visiting Lecturer

Yuliia Vashyokina
Visiting Lecturer

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