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«European Business, Language and Culture» is an undergraduate degree program focusing on the European roots of culture, behaviors, and communication having decisively influenced the development of the world.

Europe is and always will be a cradle of human civilization. Learning about the history and culture including different European languages are key to personal growth and base for any kind of professional career. This new program – «European Business, Language and Culture» provides students with essential business knowledge and skills for the modern and complex business world. 

Taught in English with in-depth learning of the second European language (Spanish/Italian/French), the studies of history and culture of the respective European region will be at the center of interest during the general courses about intercultural behaviors and communication.  Chosen language will define the focus of future studies in every aspect and location of possible foreign internships.

Students will critically analyze best practices and significant cases. Thus acquiring all managerial competencies with a broadening understanding of the history and culture influencing effective business functioning, resulting in a degree of management. 

Program contact details:

E-mail: ggl-ion@ranepa.ru

Phone: +7 916 036 05 45 / +7 499 925 29 05


Language: English with in-depth learning of the second European language (Spanish/Italian/French)
Format: Full-time (on-campus)
Duration: 4 years
Diploma: Bachelor of Management

Partial scholarships for the best students are available!

Deadline for application:

June 10, 2021

Deadline for scholarship application:

April 10, 2021

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All courses taught in English - from the 3rd year in chosen language (Spanish%2FFrench%2FItalian) (2).jpg


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5100 euros Per year

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