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Institute For Social Science [Moscow]: our schools, our mission, our students



Institute for Social Sciences (ISS) is one of the youngest and fastest-growing individuals of federal associations and public service named Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA). Now the Institute includes 7 Schools, 15 research centres. ISS provides 19 bachelors and 18 master degree programs (including English-taught), 7 postgraduate and doctoral programs, and non-degree courses such as Summer and Winter Schools. The Institute for Social Sciences — the only one in Moscow — conducts training in bachelor's programs based on the principles of Liberal Arts.



The Institute is constantly working to launch new degree programs, expand the options of education courses, and create new forms of extracurricular student life under the supervision of Sergey Zuev — Director of the Institute for Social Sciences of RANEPA  and a Member of the Academic Council of RANEPA. He also serves as Rector of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Zuev is organizer and leader of over one hundred business simulations and seminars on planning and management training in the field of social and cultural policy, including international seminars in collaboration with European partners such as the Council of Europe, Felix Meritis Foundation (Netherlands), KulturKontakt (Austria), Marcel Hastir Foundation (Belgium), and others. Dr Zuev has a doctorate in Art History from Leningrad State University.



The mission of the Institute for Social Sciences is to provide high-quality practical oriented degree and non-degree programs for Russian and international students in collaboration with Partner Universities from all over the world.

ISS project was conceived to transfer the experience accumulated by the “western” universities to Russia after a period of isolation and elimination of a part of Russia’s academic elite. The question was how to do it without simply outright copying the western universities in the differing conditions of Russia.

One of the most important focuses of teachers and employees is turning the ISS into a model for education development – a “firing range” for testing innovations that could be used in higher education throughout Russia.

Our major aim is to bring together the best-specialized programs and practices from the well-known Universities into one. Offer the unique educational programs with the same degree as partner University and lower living expenses and tuitions which will allow students to focus on their studies.

Partnerships are developed not only where we share a mission, values, goals, and ambition, but also as a way to collaborate on teaching and research projects that address the needs and challenges of a global society.

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Our 15 research centres make a significant contribution to the Institute academic life. They handle a huge range of scientific activities, involving both – faculty and students. They do research, publish journals, books, and carry various international events focused on social sciences and humanities. Besides, a wide scope of fields of interest brings a lot of interdisciplinary interaction which is essential for the contemporary sciences.

ISS research is focused on six themes: Public Policy and Public Administration, Humanities, Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Urban Development. Within these six focus areas, we research the possibilities and challenges of a sustainable society.



Institute for Social Sciences welcomes competent students from our partner universities of all over the world as an exchange student, for one term or one year. With so many courses offered, you will be able to design a study program that meets your interests and needs. You can further your major or minor discipline, or explore a totally different one.

For those not enrolled in one of our partner universities, ISS offers one term or one year program with a charge per each course. Special Summer Programs with Russian Language courses coupled with field trips are offered too.

Students from institutions outside Russia may enrol in our Visiting Student Researcher Program to come to ISS for a short-term or long-term period of time in order to fulfil research or internship requirements of their home universities. Through this program, the students can gain experience in an international research environment with top-notch professors and research staff.