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Kingston University London is accredited 
in all three main international associations 

AMBA (Association of MBAs)
AACSB (Association of Advanced Colleagiate School of Business)
EFMD (European Foundation of Management Development)

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The aims of the programme are to:
  • provide students with a broad foundation of education in the main management disciplines that are strategic and integrated with nature develop the understanding of the theoretical concepts and technical skills relevant to management decision-making
  • develop critical, analytical and consultancy skills
  • provide a means of reflection on their professional practice and of professional development, in preparation for assuming strategic roles in organizations
  • meet the QAA benchmarks and AMBA Accreditation criteria

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We hope that your time with us will provide you with a challenging and enjoyable opportunity to build on your existing knowledge, skills, and experience. The programme combines the best international practice of English teaching sessions and professional insight into individual business cases.
The students get access to traditional British MBA education and Academics’ experience and enrich knowledge through integrated practical sessions.

Welcome to the MBA programme!


Dr. Margarita Perepelitsa Dean, Faculty of International Programmes RANEPA

  • About Kingston University (London)
  • How We Study
  • MBA: Course Structure
  • Your Degree Award
  • Our Learning Partnership
  • Intended Learning Outcome


  • First British Business School to establish a base in Russia when MBA launched in March 1998
  • Kingston MBA programmes run NUMBER  1 icon.png  in Russia according to “Narodny ranking” set up by All about MBA internet informational portal and RBС news channel

  • Alumni professional association: master classes, roundtables, business events, coaching, international weekends and meetings in the British Ambassador Residence



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The MBA programmes are governed by the University’s Postgraduate Regulations. Follow the link below to access the full version of the KU Postgraduate regulations (Academic Regulations AR3):
  • In order to be awarded the degree you must successfully complete and achieve the pass mark, subject to retake opportunities, in all taught modules
  • For a Masters Degree with Commendation, you must have achieved an average score of 60-69% across all of the credit required for the qualification.
  • For a Masters Degree with Distinction, you must have achieved an average score of 70% or above across all of the credit required for the qualification.

Graduation Employment



What can you expect from us? We've got the list of 12 great expectations.

  1. Module information on our online learning platform Canvas containing teaching materials and links to other resources.
  2. Timely notice, via Canvas and/or email of any enforced changes to the timetable. We will only use your KU email address.
  3. Coursework marked according to the Kingston Business School marking – the grades of a first marker are moderated by another member of the faculty, and scrutinized by External Examiners, and then considered by the Assessment Board (please see details in the relevant section later in this Handbook)
  4. Feedback on your coursework performance and a return of marked coursework normally within 4 working weeks of submission.
  5. Supervisory support and guidance to complete the Management Research Report.
  6. Leadership potential, creativity, and intuition to use life chances and business capabilities
  7. You will develop management skills in dealing with changes, operational and strategic objectives
  8. You will get close links with industry. Our business connections enable us to run a series of guest speaker lectures and seminars. Links to local, national and international business and industry as many members of our teaching staff are active in professional practice
  9. You will create strategic decisions appropriate for your business with Kingston Academics and colleagues
  10. You will intensify professional and personal relationships with consultants, top- managers, and business owners
  11. You will participate in International training and visit Great Britain and countries with the fast-growing economy (Shanghai, India, Singapore)
  12. You will participate in workshops where the highly experienced business representative shares the new trends


The programme provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and other attributes in the following areas. The programme outcomes are referenced to the QAA subject benchmarks for Master’s Awards in Management, Type 3, and the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (2008), and relate to the typical student.

Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of the programme, students will have knowledge and understanding of:
  • a wide range of theoretical management knowledge and its strategic application to organizations
  • Information and Knowledge Management Systems and the impact of technology on business
  • the key factors and issues associated with the strategic analysis of the business and financial environment of organizations
  • the tactical and strategic significance of financial management function in organizations
  • the significance of financial concepts and limitations of financial data in the decision-making process
  • the characteristics of human behavior in organizations and how managerial performance can be enhanced through effective human resource management
  • the key marketing concepts and how organizational performance can be enhanced by a
  • marketing orientation
  • the strategic contribution of effective Operations Management within organizations
  • the leading edge strategic scholarship and practice and their application to particular organizational contexts
  • the quantitative and qualitative research methods and various techniques associated with the
  • design and presentation of the individual research project
  • the personal and professional development skills, techniques and tools to support their lifelong
  • learning process and their personal and professional development.

Practical Skills

On completion of the programme students will be able to:

  • synthesize knowledge from across a range of business disciplines and relevant theoretical management knowledge and apply it to the analysis of complex business issues in a rapidly changing an international business environment
  • demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of a wide range of business data
  • critically reflect and evaluate their own learning, performance, and development and plan for their future career, personal and professional development
  • use a range of research and consultancy skills acquired through individual project work

Cognitive (Thinking) Skills

On completion of the programme students will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of a wide range of business data
  • critically appraise a range of relevant theoretical business management knowledge and apply it to the solution of business problems
  • show a critical appreciation of the significance of recent advances and theoretical developments in business and their strategic implications
  • demonstrate clarity of problem definition and scope, critical evaluation of a focused review of relevant literature, selection of appropriate methodology, proficiency in the collection, analysis and the ability to synthesize material in making relevant conclusions and recommendations for action


₤3 850 + ₽360 000 Per year

₤7 700 + ₽720 000 for the whole programme

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