What our Institute for Social Sciences actually is,
or 6 reasons to say "I'm in!"

over 2000 students

studying at our Institute build a strong community based on the huge ideas of the global world and the absolute values of self-improvement

5 international organizations

which we belong to, help our Institute broaden the scope of international activities for all of us –
students and professors

9 study programs in English

cover the most urgent majors,
meeting market requests
and combining best efficient educational tactics

90 foreign students from 35 countries

leave in peace and harmony on our campus showing the brightest examples of intercultural practice.

66 foreign professors

from 13 countries represent the top universities in the world, and moreover, are our Institute key advantage

AMBA accreditation

was given to our Institute, for we meet the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education

To begin with, we're one of the best institutes for social studies, humanities, liberal arts, management, global governance, and public policy in Eastern Europe.

Institute for Social Sciences (former School of Public Policy) is one of the newest and most rapidly developing units of the biggest Russian universities — Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Today, the Institute comprises 7 faculties and 21 research centers. 

We offer 18 undergraduate degrees, 18 masters degree programs, and courses for postgraduates and Ph.D. students. ISS also features programs conducted in English and is proud to be the only educational facility in Moscow applying Liberal Arts principles in its bachelor degree courses.

Today ISS constitutes a multitier educational, research, and training system that reflects a philosophy of life-long learning. ISS offers educational and training programs to serve the learning needs of civil servants, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and lawyers.

We understand the complexities of international markets, the nuances of diverse world cultures, and the rapid changes caused by disruptive technologies. Our academic programs are constantly evolving to meet new needs both at home and around the world to prepare you for the careers of tomorrow.

We offer our students interdisciplinary instruction, which helps to deepen the learning experience, develop critical thinking, and encourage students to build their own interdisciplinary pathway.

By choosing us, you choose the premier institution of higher education and the endless opportunities that come with it: world-class academics, a dedicated faculty, a large international community, great career opportunities, a wide range of internships, a vibrant student life, and our beautiful campus.