Nyuta Federmesser, Founder of the VERA Hospice Charity Fund, Meeting with the Global Governance and Leadership Students

Нюта-Георгий-Кардава.jpgOn December 18, Founder of the VERA Hospice Charity Fund, member of “The All-Russia People’s Front” central headquarters and Council on Guardianship under the Government of the Russian Federation, Director of the Moscow Center for Palliative Care, Nyuta Federmesser, held a meeting with the second-year students of the Global Governance and Leadership undergraduate program within the “Political and Social Leaders Workshop”.

The main topic of the workshop was charity funds, the peculiarities of their work challenges that their executives inevitably face, and their fields of concern. Nyuta told the students about the beginning of her career path, what factors prompted her to do charity work and start her own foundation. The topic of charity sparked the interest in students as nowadays people mostly tend to avoid it or they simply don’t have the necessary information. During the meeting, the expert told the participants about the cases, her fund handles, and how she and her team manage to deal with the emotional side of their job.  

The workshop participants asked Nyuta about the programs, her fund is currently fulfilling, how to support their activities, how the pandemic affected its work, and who are their main trustees. The speaker answered all the questions and noted that it is essential to take an interest in the charity topic because any help can save someone’s life and even the smallest contribution is always valuable.

At the end of the meeting, Nyuta Federmesser told the students how exactly one can help the VERA Hospice Charity Fund, where to find detailed information about their activities, and what the future holds for charity especially after the end of the pandemic.

Nyuta Federmesser was born in 1977 in Moscow. Her parents were both doctors – her father, Konstantin Federmesser, was the founder of Soviet obstetric anesthesiology, and her mother, Vera Millionshchikova, was the founder of The First Moscow Hospice. Nyuta Federmesser started her career at the age of 16 when she began working as a volunteer in hospices in Russia and Great Britain. Moscow State Linguistic University (2002) and First Moscow State Medical University (2013) graduate, in November 2006, she founded and headed the VERA Hospice Charity Fund – the only organization in Russia that provides assistance to hospices and their patients. In 2016 she became the Director of the Moscow Center for Palliative Care. 

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