The main PGLS course included 13 basic core-lectures delivered in a mix with workshop techniques. Founder and president of PGLS, the director of SPP's Global Governance and Leadership Program at RANEPA Dr. Sam Potolicchio and an academic at Oxford and the Sorbonne Branden Thornhill-Miller lectured on contemporary leadership models and efficient decision making.

Three more respected experts aimed at geopolitics research were invited to PGLS to lecture on the most important issues of the global policy. Programme director at the Valdai Discussion Club and the head of the analytics agency “International Policy” Andrey Sushentsov and the head of the international policy department at newspaper “Kommersant”, the member of the Presidium of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council Elena Chernenko held lectures on the 1st day of the summit. The head of the international club “Trialog”, the member of the International Institute for the Strategic Studies and the International Sociology Association and also the member of the research council of All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, africanist Dmitry Polikanov talked on Russia and the World on the last day morning.

Said Potolicchio “convening dynamic professionals from many different countries and different industries in such an important city like Moscow never gets stale no matter how many times we do it. I am confident graduates of our programs will one day take up global leadership positions and they will cite this experience as a formative part of their educational journey.”

Dr. Potolicchio also mentioned that the PGLS mission is to help the participants shape how-to-adapt skills so that they could have efficient experience in the changing local and global business environments.

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