Global Challenges Forum for 11th-grade high school students

The Global Challenges Forum is an event organized each year by the School of Public Policy and Management, Institute of Social Sciences at RANEPA. It is specially created for high school students (11th class) and it provides a unique opportunity for them to gain an educational experience from the leading professors and international experts teaching currently at the only undergraduate degree programme at RANEPA, entirely taught in English- the Global Governance and Leadership (GGL).

The forum has an aim to create an objective view of the social and economic processes taking place in the modern world in the sphere of business and politics. Our lecturers and debates examine different points of view on important public issues. All lectures in the forum are held in English.

The participants of the Global Challenges Forum will receive a 10% discount on tuition fee at the Global Governance and Leadership (GGL) programme, at the Institute of Social Sciences at RANEPA.

The programme of the Global Challenges Forum includes lectures and debates delivered in four-day format, on the following dates: March 17, March 24, April 7 and April 21. During these time students will participate in the following topics:

March 17: “Russia 1985-2015 A Journey Through the Recent Past”
Giovanni Savino, Ph.D., professor, RANEPA
Vincenzo Ligorio, Ph.D., professor, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
The last thirty decades for Russia were dynamic and the impressive transformation of our country for this period of time is due to some major events that happened between 1985-2015. You have the unique opportunity to attend a lecture conducted by two international experts, professor Giovanni Savino and professor Vincenzo Ligario. We invite you to join us and get this educational experience as a journey through the recent past and find out things you did not know.

March 24: “Current challenges in International Tax Law: Apple, Starbucks and other cases”
Luz Ruiz Montoya, Ph.D., professor, RANEPA, lawyer “Carnelutti Law Firm”

Did you know that Apple is the largest taxpayer in the world? And Starbucks is also one of the biggest taxpayers that constantly faced with challenges in the international tax law. Each company that is doing business internationally has an obligation to pay taxes and accordingly, it makes economic contributions to the countries and communities that operates in. Luz Ruiz Montoya is an international expert in international law. She is a visiting professor at the Global Governance and Leadership (GGL) programme, at RANEPA. Professor Ruiz Montoya has many years of teaching experience as a professor in Spain and a practical working experience as a lawyer at the renowned “Carnelutti Law Firm”, which in 2014 won the International Prize "IAIR Legal Awards" for Best Italian law firm in Russia. With such a great experience in this field, she will tell you the greatest challenges in international tax law based on the cases of the most famous world-class companies in the world.

April 7: “EQ. A New Currency to Buy into Leadership”
Frank Ebbecke, CEO FE Communications, journalist “Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung”
Emotional intelligence and leadership skills are two interlaced elements that make leaders with impact. To know how to influence others a person must possess a high level of emotional intelligence. At this lecture, you will find out how to develop the five key elements of your EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity will widen your horizons and will take you a step closer to your path to success as a future leader in any professional field. Frank Ebbecke has a global career in communications as a journalist as well as in marketing advertising, public speaking, leadership skills development and will teach you how to buy into leadership by taking a control of your emotions while interacting with others.

April 21: “Leadership: Learnings from Our Past - Visions for Your Future”
Frank Ebbecke, CEO FE Communications, journalist “Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung”
Giovanni Savino, Ph.D., professor, RANEPA
Exceptional leaders, their leadership styles- what have we learned from the leaders from our past? What was the key of success of the most famous leaders through history? Learning something new about the leaders that have shaped the modern world and learn from the lessons of the past plays a significant role in creating the visions for our future. Frank Ebbecke- a leading specialist in public speaking and leadership skills development, together with professor Giovanni Savino, will conduct the lecture and you will have the opportunity to be part of the debates and discuss issues and current challenges related to the topic.

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