I'm the best quota-based applicant you could ever
dream about!

It won't be that hard, as some people say, but you should thoroughly follow our guide to get to the mountaintop! Just define which sort of programme you are applying to, and that's the way the game will start!

1)  Hey! We waited for you! Let's start with the the application form available on RANEPA's website;
  • an original document from a foreign state verifying previous education with an authenticated translation into Russian, stating the full name of the applicant and listing the classes studied with final grades, and a translation of any relevant supplemental material;
  • a legal document verifying the person’s identity and nationality
  • a copy of an entry visa to the Russian Federation (if the foreign national has arrived previously on an entry visa);
  • an authenticated medical evaluation
  • a medical certificate confirming that the applicant is HIV-negative
  • an authenticated copy of the applicant's birth certificate (if available)
  • six 3x4 cm photographs (black-and-white, on matte paper).

2) Your application may be submitted! Send it to apply.ranepa@yandex.ru. Please, keep our deadlines from burning. They don't let us have campfires in the workplace. 
And you have pretty much time to send your application — 
since February, 1 till June, 1.

3) And all documents must be submitted by you or your proxy. 

4) There will definitely come an admissions interview. But that didn't cause you any surprise, we guess. 

5) So you did the first steps brightly, didn't you? Great! Now a bit of patience, please! We will happily inform you about entrance interviews dates as soon as all arrangements are made.  

6) And finally, the point that you would love! International students enrolled with funding from the Russian Federation will be provided with dorm accommodations.