бочаров фото.pngThe fourth-year is coming to an end, so it is quite possible to summarize the interim results. Share your impressions of these four years, you spent on the GGL program.

During these 4 years, I have learned a lot, met a lot of wonderful people, gain a unique experience. It was such a fascinating and exciting time for me.

Why did you choose Global Governance and Leadership?
For me it was an obvious choice: an English-language program with foreign teachers, who are the best specialists from a different scope of activity, gathered in the most prestigious university in the country. I was attracted not only by the eminent teachers but also by the educational program. During the interviews for admission to the program, I got acquainted with its content and realized that it would allow me to succeed in any field of activity!

Is it easy for you to study on the program? What difficulties did you meet during the training?
It is hard to put it in one’s word. Sometimes it was challenging for me and sometimes I could cope with things easily. I can say that the main key for success during studying is hard work.

What disciplines were the most fascinating for you and why?

Management, finance and the work of global organizations were the most interesting disciplines for me. They seem perspective as they give the clear image of effective human resource management, finance and processes, which are crucial for the developmental growth of the society. I believe that as of today the best specialists work at the intersection of disciplines, and the Global Governance and Leadership program provides an opportunity to learn this.

What do you think is the main advantage of the program?

It is hard to single out the main advantage since the program has many positive aspects that distinguish it favorably among other programs, offered in the universities of Russia. The main advantages are teaching in English, foreign teachers and experts, well-structured program, and international internships.

What can you advise to the prospective students of the program?

There are few points that every new student should understand: now you are the part of a big team of GGL, which demands you to be ready to work hard. The acquaintances and the friendship that will help you in the years to come.

Share your plans for the future. Are you planning to apply for a master's degree? If yes, which program and university are you planning to choose?

I decided to apply for Master’s degree a long time ago. I have already begun to prepare for admission to the Strategic Communications: Government and Business (MSc in Strategic Communication) program of the ISS, RANEPA. I believe that communication skills are essential today for building a successful career in any field.

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