Milestone Student Club by Global Governance and Leadership students

 In March 2019 Milestone Students Club opened its doors for RANEPA students.


Milestone is a project founded and managed by the second-year students of Global Governance and Leadership program, Alexandru Bochearov and Mark Melamed. The main idea of the project is to create a student platform of vocational guidance where students get the opportunity to meet experts from various areas of Russian business, media, and politics. During these workshops and master classes, speakers share their success stories and give advice on how to start a career.

 “We believe that university years are full of ideas and concepts and different examples of future paths each of us might take. In the Milestone student club, the name speaks for itself. We are working together with other students in order to say one day that this idea, or that speaker, or this particular story or seminar or lecture or anything else found in the university was a milestone that sparked the further career choice. Our club was inspired by constant small talks between our classmates about possible career options. It is designed for those active students who always want to learn more and to know today what to expect from tomorrow.” – says Mark

 The idea of creating Milestone came to Mark and Alex on their first year of studies but the experience and knowledge guys had at that time was not enough. Throughout the year, Mark and Alexandru have actively worked on the project. They consulted with GGL professors, recruited a team, developed a concept, selected speakers and designed the unique project style. Hard work pays off and that is why right after the opening Milestone became popular among RANEPA students. Today, among the participants of the Milestone Student Club there are undergraduate and master students of several faculties of the Academy.

 “There is a long list of skills and competencies which helped us to create and maintain the club and most of them we got or enhanced due to the GGL program. For example, communication skills and management skills are essential” – says Alex

Mark and Alex have big plans for the future of the club. The whole team is working hard on the list of new seminars and courses, as well as some special events for Milestone Student Club members for the new season. “I cannot forecast anything, but I hope that one day one of us will return to RANEPA to give a guest lecture at the Milestone Student Club” – says Mark.


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