Leslie Lecture

In a dynamic time that we live in, it is hard to predict what future brings. However, if we have a solid knowledge of major events that are going on on the global scene, we might be able to draft the most probable scenarios for the future of the world by taking into account global agendas and global policy-making.

On April 14, Dr. Leslie A. Pal, Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy and Administration, Director of Center on Governance and Public Management at Carleton University and a leading Global Governance and Leadership Program professor held a discussion lecture, “Global Political Agenda: Current Challenges and Paths for Development,” at RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences.

The event was organized in a practical seminar format; the participants had a chance to discuss the most important issues of international politics and explore the possible scenarios for the development of international relations, taking into account the growing global challenges. Students together with Professor Pal analyzed the role of the key international institutions (UN, G7, G20, World Economic Forum in Davos) in shaping the geopolitical agenda and the effect they make on the process, and in the management of international conflicts.

The participants also discussed current issues and the instruments and global level regulations that have a significant effect on domestic policymaking.

Dr. Pal reviewed the most influential international organizations and their agendas, tracing similarities and differences among them, and suggesting what components they might have missing. The participants shared their views about what global issues are the most important at the moment and shared their thoughts about Russia’s future.

They identified the top 10 global risks in terms of likelihood and the top 10 risks in terms of impact; extreme weather events, natural disasters, and cyber attacks topped the first list, while weapons of mass destructions, extreme weather events, and natural disasters were cited as the worst in terms of impact.

From the feedback received from the participants, the event helped them exchange ideas, widen their horizons and gain new knowledge from Dr. Pal, a leading international expert in public policy, public management and public administration.

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