A Good Sunday Passtime:
Business Talks at AB Inbev EFES [Klin Brewery]

We asked Teodor Josifovski, the student of the MSc in Project Management Program, to tell us a story about how ISS students once had a very replete day in Klin.

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AB Inbev EFEAS, an official sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2018, the number 2 placed company in the Russian beer market hosted RANEPA's Kingston MBA and Project Management students in its Klin brewery where they produce some of Russia's most popular beers. The students welcomed the opportunity to visit this production giant responsible for premium and super premium brand beers such as Bud, Velkopopovický Kozel, Miller Genuine Draft, and Hoegaarden. The purpose of the visit was to get the very essence of the brewery business, its perspectives and challenges. However, what the students received was beyond their expectations.

Greeted at the gate by Kingston MBA student Olga Leschenko, currently working as a people manager at AB InBev EFES, the group quickly bonded and toured the office facilities. Olga Leschenko eventually introduced the group to Natalia Zvonova, brewery manager, who gave an excellent presentation of the company and the beer market landscape analytics. Throughout the presentation and the Q&A session, the students got acquainted with the business involving almost 5,000 people working across the country.

Natalia Zvonova highlighted the position of AB Inbev EFES on the Russian market and discussed at length about the company's future goals. The students were also delighted to hear that the AB Inbev EFES supports traineeships programs and participates in career events in universities nationwide. The company is also into CSR activities and environmental projects.

After the presentation was over, the group was surprised with a short interactive quiz organised to test their knowledge. The students welcomed the challenge to show off their newly acquired knowledge and three of them were awarded prizes for giving fast and correct answers.

After the test, the tour continued throughout the manufacturing plant, where the group could see firsthand how the magic is made. Dressed in protective gear, the students observed every stage of the beer making process, starting with the barley and hops, up to bottling and packaging the end-product.

The group finished their tour in another presentation room where they got the opportunity to get acquainted with 5 brands of beer produced by AB Inbev EFES. Afterwards, Natalia Zvonova and the rest of the presenters thaked the group for their visit and sent them off with more beer in their pockets All and all, a nice way to pass a Sunday.

Emilija Gligurovska [MSc In Project Management]

“We had a complete experience from getting
to know the history of the company and
the brands they are producing, to seeing
the real process of production
and packaging of beers.
Big thanks to the hosts!
The brewery staff presented
everything in a very interesting way
and kept us engaged.
Theory can always be added
to practical experience.”

Filipe Mota Goncalves [MSc In Project Management]

“It was a really enriching experience.
We could see how a big brewery works
through the whole production process,
including packaging and distribution.
Not only that we could understand
how to harmonize beer and food.
in the end we could make a trip
into the Tchaikovsky story
and learn something more
about the Russian culture.
Extremely worth it experience.”

Ekaterina Lavrentieva [Kingston MBA]

“I liked it all — the presentation, in-detail acquaintance
with the manufacturing process. It was very valuable
to discover information about the corporate culture
and the social responsibility model,
with the cornerstone dream to bring
people together for a better world.
An excellent addition to the event
was a visit to Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin.
Touch with beauty, talent, genius gives a unique emotional charge. With appreciation to organizers."

The students decided not to miss
a chance to visit the Tchaikovsky museum
and the cultural center both located in Klin.
“Musical episode on “The Seasons”
took us to another world of divine”, they said.

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