Students daring to study abroad are unordinary people. They are open to the new and love investigating the world around. That’s why we decided to let them speak in the first person. That’s a special project by SPP Online — a student's blog. These texts are personal and subject-focused. The author shares essential ideas, insights, impressions, that the students get while studying international programmes at the School of Public Policy. Our blogger is GGL student from Macedonia Kristijan Markov. Please, welcome to the blog-stage.

Episode 3.

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” — Moscow

I have always dreamed of a life in a big city. Although I am coming from the capital of Macedonia- Skopje, when I compare it to Moscow, it is far smaller and simple. You don’t need much time to get from one part of the city to another, which automatically saves much time.

A big city such as Moscow automatically makes you a better time manager. And of course, as a student, I take the metro and must say it is very convenient for me. I know the exact time that it takes me to get to the place where I have to be. Meanwhile, while I on my way I usually read (more often study materials, so it is definitely no waste of time). Or when I am tired I just close my eyes and play some chill out music.

I must say I have heard about the Moscow metro stations that are different than the other cities but did not expect to be so beautiful! Indeed! Some stations are like museums- it reflects the Russian culture. I am sure it amazes many tourists! Moscow metro has a soul… it is the city’s 'blood flow'. And we are like the 'blood cells', circulating through the city- each with a different aim, dreams, plans… It’s life… my youth, and I love it.

Living in a big city is different. Sometimes complex, but what has always fascinated me about cosmopolitan cities is the spirit, dynamics, that pretty little city rush that gives kind of excitement, especially when you are young and full of energy!

Another thing that is a well-known fact about Moscow — it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world. I confirm that is true. So we as students, a non-working category, have to find ways how to spend our budget more reasonably. There are so many places to visit, even though they seem too glamorous and expensive, there are amazing student advantages regarding intellectual growth. For example, one of the top places to visit in Moscow is Bolshoi theater.

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