Gazprombank awards personal scholarships to RANEPA students

Gazprombank has awarded 41 personal scholarships to the best students at 14 universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At RANEPA, the scholarships went to fourth-year students Svetlana Skibenko from the Department of Finance and Banking (DFB) and Ulyana Kositskaya from the Institute for Social Sciences (ISS).

The ceremony to award the Gazprombank Scholarship, established in 2016, was held online this year. First Vice President Natalya Tretyak opened the ceremony, congratulated the new fellows and made a presentation.

Recalling how she took the news, Ulyana Kositskaya said: “When I found out, the first thing I did was call my parents, because really, they were to be credited for it. This was not the first time I won an important competition, but every time I get overwhelmed with emotion. The day before the results, I checked my email every minute, waiting for the coveted message!”

The Gazprombank representatives also spoke about the importance of parental support at the ceremony. Olga Terpigoreva, Head of Gazprombank HR Department, specifically highlighted the contribution of teachers and families: “Winning the competition is not only your achievement, but also that of your mentors who have invested their time and effort, and have supported and helped you all along.”

Natalya Tretyak said she hoped the winners would join the bank someday. In recent years, more than 100 Gazprombank Scholarship fellows from previous years got jobs with the bank.

The two winners also shared their ideas on how they are going to spend the money. Ulyana plans to buy a new laptop for online learning, and Svetlana will help her mother with house repair and renovation.

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