Making a decision to study abroad is one of the most challenging choices that a young person does during the education process. It means going out of your comfort zone, getting into a new environment, facing cultural differences, adapting to the different educational system etc. But none of these should be a barrier to make your final decision to study in another country! The Global Governance and Leadership (GGL) at our School is the perfect example of a multicultural educational environment, entirely taught in English.

It is a pleasure to present to you the interview with two gentlemen from France, our GGL students - Quentin Malcoiffe and Quentin Georjon. Moscow life, their favorite things, university experience…

Let's get started with the Brief Questions’ Mix…

How did you decide that you want to study in Russia? What is the main reason that make you decide to continue your education abroad?

Quentin Malcoiffe: There are many reasons why I decided to study in Russia. I have been studying Russian for two years in France (must mention that I also had the opportunity to complete a Russian language course in Rostov-on-Don, durring one month programme) and I have always been attracted to the Russian culture. Getting education degree here in Moscow is a great chance for diversifying my CV and get knowledge in the field that I am interested in- leadership. Joining the “club” of French students living in Moscow is also a huge advantage. I meet new friends and it is really exciting exploring Russian culture all together. In a regard to education, I got a real win-win situation here- joining the GGL programme, entirely taught in English, plus improving my Russian every day. Developing my language skills in two foreign languages, developing my professional knowledge in a diffrent cultural and economic environment widen my horizons and I gain life experience that is highly valued for my future personal and professional growth.

Quentin Georjon: I decided to study abroad because the world is full of opportunities for us as French citizens, and it is very important to recognize the moment that you need some change in your life and take the advantage. Living abroad helps to develop different point of view of a culture and enables me to share my vision with Russians in their environment. I must say the number of French in Russia is not that big. In my opinion, my wife being Russian has a significant influence on me making the decision to turn a new chapter of my life and build my future in Russia.

How do you spend your free time here in Moscow? What do you miss the most about your home country?

Quentin Malcoiffe: I don’t have a lot of free time, but I like to chill out with my friends, to walk around and discover new places, meet new people. The city of Moscow is full of impressive things to do and places to discover. So, I never get bored here, there are simply planty of activities. I believe other Russian cities offer many interesting things, beauty, amazing surroundings, rich nature and just wait to be discovered. I enjoy travelling and I definitely would like to visit some other Russian cities. I don’t really miss my country, except my family of course, my friends and French cheese.

Quentin Georjon: Actually, I am building my business in Russia, therefore this takes the most of my time. However, I think I am successfully keeping the balance and I am trying to find time for my hobbies and things I like doing in my free time. The thing I miss the most about France is simply the sunny weather and the food (French cuisine) — my home country is considered as the country that has the best food in the world.

What is the one thing in the Russian culture that impresses you the most that you would like to share with your friends in France?

Quentin Georjon: In Russia people have an impressive solidarity, whereas in France, unfortunately, we do not have this vision of mutual aid.

Quentin Malcoiffe: I was really impressed about discipline in Russia, the respect of others, greeting of Russian who want to speak with you when they see that you are a foreigner, their joie de vivre and the number of places, museums, historical sites to visit. I’ll be particularly proud and happy to break some stereotypes that the French might have to Russia, and show that this youth and country is so welcoming and dynamic.

You can bring any three of your classmates on a road trip: who would you choose and why?

Quentin Georjon: If I have to make a trip with my friends and I am told to choose only 3 people from my class, I would surely choose: Nikola, Lateef and Vlada. These people have a vision parallel to mine and we chose a similar educational “journey”, by studying at the same university programme. Also, the difference of cultures makes our friendship very unique and all the time we discover something new and share different point of views due to the fact that we are coming from three different countries.

Quentin Malcoiffe: I always travel alone. To me, it’s the best way to discover a country, to visit what I want, and improve my linguistic skills. A lion always travels alone, but if I have to choose someone, I will not make any particular choice, all my classmates would be welcome to join me on new tourist adventures.

Due to the fast technology development and world dynamics the jobs you might have one day don’t even exist yet: what kinds of skills do you think you might need to succeed?

Quentin Malcoiffe: I think the base for a successful life is to have a constant hunger for knowledge, to be curious about discovering new things during your lifetime. When a person goes abroad the most powerful “weapon” is the liguisitic skill and speaking and understanding at least one or two foreign languages helps a lot when you are a foreigner. Having a basic knowledge in enoconmics, the social and cultural elelments of the society that you are currently living would be highly useful and it will help the person to make the right decisions at the right moment. And last, but not least is person’s ability to adapt in any environment and this is the key. It shapes the level of success and the faster person adapts the faster will be the growth and development (personally and professionally).

Quentin Georjon: If we look back in time and make a comparison to the present moment the difference is simply enormous- technology advances our daily life, our brain evolves in a different way, we live in a world where only people who want to get there will arrive. Talking is good, but acting is better. Due to the constant growth of population, especially in the last hundred years, there are simply many of us, but very little space. Only future will tell us and give us the direction in which we should develop.

How does the Global Governance and Leadership (GGL) programme influences your personal and professional development?

Quentin Georjon: First of all, I would like to mention that this is a programme that brings a vision of life to everyone and it enables our intellectual development. We have renowned professors from all over the world. The GGL programme provides a great opportunity to learn how the Russian market works and help us get the whole picture. The programme has many advantages and provides a world-class knowledge that enables us to develop essential leadership skills and develop most critical professional competences. I would like to suggest one thing that I consider very important for the international students at this programme- Russian language should be a complusory language for international students. Sincerely, I hope that this idea of mine will be integrated in the future, for the next GGL generations.

Quentin Malcoiffe: Thanks to GGL I have developed a high level of open-mindedness to knowledge, with a cultural approach. I have learnt many new aspects of business world, global leadership and and a discovery into the world of business, marketing and leadership. To me, it’s important to understand the world we live in and the process of globalization, that’s why this multi-cultural educational experience is a real chance to get to know the level of globalization nowadays and how it inflences people’s lives. This program allows me to assert myself in my choices and my goals. Having the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment is a huge advantage of the GGL programme. A daily communication with students from different countries, cultures, nationalities is truly enriching my life.

What has been the best university experience for you till now?

Quentin Malcoiffe: I don’t think there is best or bad experience at university. Every academic experience is beneficial for building our future. In a regard to educational experience abroad, I must say it is very instructive by itself. It requires an adaptation process to a new daily life, new climate, but at the same time going abroad is so exciting and opens new opportunities for you. Your goals (in education and life) become more clear, you know that it is a chhlenge, but you accept it gladly as the only way for a real development is going out of your comfort zone. I must say, the experience I am having in Russia has changed my life forever, and for me as a European, spending one year here at university is as worth as 2 years in Europe (of course, this is just my opinion).

Quentin Georjon: When I was young I had the chance to study in the best school structures in my country. I do not have a particular moment to mention, but it’s simply because of the fact that every moment spent on education will be a plus for my future.

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