«European Business, Languages and Culture» Undergraduate Program Student on the First Semester of Online Studying and Time Management.

студент фото.pngFor all of us the current situation with the pandemic was a surprise, which resulted in the fact that now we are studying online. What are your general impressions of the first semester?
Actually, I’m familiar with the distant learning format since high school. With the pandemic going on, I have adapted to the online regime, it has become familiar to me. Distant lectures, seminars, and exams were held in a comfortable environment, but, of course, nothing can replace live communication between students and teachers.

How were your online classes arranged and conducted?
Our online classes were arranged on platforms and applications, created specifically for remote work of one or several groups of people. These programs have created a workspace that teachers and students now comfortably use.

Is it easy for you to study in the program «European Business, Languages ​​and Culture»?
When entering the program «European Business, Languages ​​and Culture», I asked myself the same question: «Can I cope with classes in English?». There were doubts, worries, uncertainty, although I’ve been studying English my whole life. Later I realized that I was worried for nothing. Our professors explain the material accessibly, and then help, advise and explain again if something is not clear. Practical classes (in economics, mathematics, computer science) also give me confidence, and I can see the result of the work right after I have done it. Also, the support of classmates, who will help and help out in any situation, is important for me.

What disciplines were the most interesting for you in this semester and why?
As a prospective entrepreneur, I believe that the most useful disciplines for me in the first semester were Introduction to Economics, Computer Science for Management and Public Speaking.

Especially I would like to highlight the course "Public Speaking". Nowadays, a well-built communication between people plays an essential role in the success of an enterprise, it is crucial to be heard, listened to and understood. This is what we learnt. We talked, discussed, argued, and it all allowed us to loosen up, start speaking more confidently and, of course, to get to know each other better.

Although that is not all, I am delighted with what I have learned this semester.

Can you tell us more about your studying process at home? What did you do in order to concentrate during the class?
You don't need much to work via home. Stable internet connection and device for your classes. At first, I had to use a phone and a tablet, but it was inconvenient. With the purchase of a laptop and a printer, it became much easier for me. Do not forget about the calm atmosphere and concentration, which are very important for studying.

Did distant learning help you to do more?

Yes, while studying via home you do not need to spend time commuting.

Did you manage to make friends with your classmates with this type of studying?

The distant learning did not provide us with an opportunity to meet each other within the Academy, but despite this, we managed to get to know each other online. In particular, the above-mentioned course "Public Speaking" contributed to our acquaintance with each other.

What recommendations do you want to give prospective students of the program?

First of all, feel free to ask your professors different questions. Be proactive, volunteer to respond and complete assignments. Last, but not least, don't worry, you won’t be alone during your studying process. The dean's office employees and senior students will always help and guide you.

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