“Corporate Culture Workshop” by the CEO of MICROMINE RUS for GGL students

IMG_0963.JPGWithin the “Corporate Leaders Workshop” students of the Global Governance and Leadership undergraduate program held informal meetings with the representatives from Russian and foreign business elites. During these meetings, students get a unique opportunity to discuss with the experts the most burning questions about career goals, personal development, and leadership skills.

On June 14 the CEO of MICROMINE RUS, Boris Kurtsev, ran a workshop "Corporate Culture and Leadership in an International Company" for the second-year GGL students.

Founded in Western Australia in 1986, MICROMINE is an independent provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry. MICROMINE offers a solution for capturing, managing, visualizing and understanding data, as well as for controlling and reporting on mine production. Today the company has offices in 12 of the world’s mining capitals. Since 2001 MICROMINE has been operating in Russia, opening offices in all major mining regions.

The main topic of the workshop was the corporate culture in International Business. The expert outlined the features of corporate culture and its importance for the company’s development and explained the ways of broadcasting the company's values to the employees. Students discussed with the speaker the role of management in creating a favorable working environment and employee motivation system.

Special attention during the meeting was paid to the development of control systems and their compliance with the organizational corporate culture.

Boris Kurtsev also shared with the students his professional experience and gave several tips on how to build a team and create a favorable working environment.

"It was a very interesting and productive meeting! We learned more about the mining industry itself, but also about working in a large international organization as a whole! The speaker told us about how a well-organized corporate culture affects the success of the company. I believe that these meetings with the representatives of business or political elites will help us in our future careers, as they share their success stories and inspire us. I am very grateful to "Global Governance and Leadership" for this fantastic opportunity!", - 2nd-year GGL student, Kristijan Markov.

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